Water Detection Warranty Labels

Labels China supply water detection warranty labels, water detection stickers, water indicator sticker and warranty stickers.

Water detection warranty label is a water damage detector sticker, water/liquid indicator sticker and moisture and water detection sensor label. Water detection labels change color (the color changes from white to red) when exposed to moisture. The ability to detect exposure to water can be useful for warranty claims processing and electronics repair applications. Our water detection labels change color when exposed to liquid water, but not when exposed to high humidity.

Water detection stickers used in cell phones & accessories, LCD replacement parts & tools and other electronic devices etc. Water detection security labels are used as warranty labels for electronic equipment where water exposure can damage electronic components and void the equipment warranty.

We manufacture two types of water detection labels.

Regular Water Detection Labels

With a regular water detection label, the top of the label will change color when exposed to water, which is suitable for most applications.

Adhesive Side Water Detection Labels

This kind of water detection labels are constructed of a base paper which is laminated with clear film, the adhesive is on the side that changes color. Film provides protection from soiling and moisture during handling. Permanent indication by color change remains after prolonged immersion. This adhesive side water detection Label is intended for use in electronic devices.

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