Fluorescent Labels

Labels China supply custom printed fluorescent labels: fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red labels.

Fluorescent labels are brightly colored labels, sometimes known as neon colored labels, neon labels.

Fluorescent Labels Applications

  • Fluorescent labels or day glow labels are great for getting people’s attention.
  • Fluorescent labels and stickers are ideal for promotions.
  • Use fluorescent labels to call attention to industrial hazards and safety information.

Fluorescent labels common uses are color coding files, warning labels, quarantine labels, shelf marking in warehouses, marketing labels, special offer labels, price reduction labels, inventory marking, office labeling and so on.

Custom Printed Fluorescent Labels

  • Preprint: All of our fluorescent labels can be custom printed.
  • Adhesive: Fluorescent labels are self-adhesive labels with permanent adhesive.
  • Factstock: Fluorescent Paper Labels, Fluorescent Green Labels, Fluorescent Orange Labels, Fluorescent Pink Labels, Fluorescent Yellow Labels, Fluorescent Red Labels.
  • Shape: Our fluorescent colored labels are come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as Circle, oval, square, star, etc. You can order fluorescent labels in almost any shape you can imagine.
  • Color: 1-6 color custom print.
  • Packaging: On Rolls or Sheets.
  • For variable information can be printed by thermal transfer printers.

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