Embossed Labels

Embossed labels can give any product or promotion a luxurious feel. Embossed labels are on either silver or gold foil paper stock.

Embossed labels are created by pressing an image through the back of a label stock, causing the image to rise above the surface of the stock. The image is molded directly from the label stock, without the use of ink or foil.

Here are some embossed labels samples.

Embossed Labels Applications

Embossed stickers are perfect for all types of seals, awards, wedding invitations, and gift items.

Embossed labels are ideal for anniversaries, wine labels, promotional marketing, product Labeling packaging, medical labels, cosmetic packaging, wine bottle labels, promotional and advertising items, gift items, special events and so on.

Embossed Foil Labels

Embossed foil labels are rich looking labels that start with a gold or silver metallic background and are embossed to give the label texture and depth.

Most embossed Foil Labels are on bright gold foil, bright silver foil, matte/dull gold foil, matte/dull silver foil paper.

Custom Embossed Labels

Custom embossed labels are available on a variety of labels.

  • Embossed Gold Foil Labels
  • Embossed Silver Foil Labels
  • Embossed Wine Labels
  • Embossed Foil Labels
  • Embossed Cosmetic Labels
  • Embossed Anniversary Seals Stickers
  • Embossed Weddings Stickers

If you would like to learn more about custom embossed labels, please request a quote or contact us for your embossed labels.