Warranty VOID Labels

Labels China supply custom printed warranty void labels: Destructible Vinyl Warranty VOID Labels, Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty VOID Labels and Water Detection Warranty VOID Labels.

A warranty label is a security seal that can indicate if tampering of the label has occurred. To better protect your warranted equipment and inventory, adhere a warranty void label to protect the warranty validity and your liability.

Destructible Vinyl Warranty VOID Labels

The destructible vinyl label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it. Destructible Warranty Stickers for electronic industry, cell phone, guarantee label and warranty label.

Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty VOID Labels

If removed the label surface is marked with a “VOID”. Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty Stickers make great security seals and warranty seals.

Bar coded and serial numbered VOID polyester warranty stickers are widely used. Tamper evident warranty void stickers can be available pre-printed or blank.

Water Detection Warranty VOID Labels

This is a water damage sticker, which changes color if moisture gets into this bit of the phone, and will be used to void your warranty if your phone stops working for any reason. The most common types are circle or square shape water detection stickers.

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