Asset Labels

Labels China offers Asset Labels, Property ID Labels, Asset Identification Labels, Asset Tags. Identify your valuable property (Office/School Property Asset: Equipment, Furniture, Computers, Tools and Machinery etc.) with asset id labels.

Custom Printed Asset Labels with company logo, barcode and consecutive numbering is one of the best ways for Asset Tracking.

Available custom printed in many materials including paper, vinyl, durable polyester (silver/white/clear), polypropylene, destructible vinyl, tamper evident void polyester and metal(aluminum/stainless steel).

Paper Asset Labels: For short-term use, not waterproof, indoor use only. Mainly used for warehouse inventory.

Durable Vinyl Asset ID Labels: Using a high quality durable Vinyl with a strong permanent adhesive. These vinyl asset labels are suitable for indoor/outdoor environments.

Polyester Asset Labels: Matte Silver Polyester Asset Labels, Gloss White Polyester Asset Labels, Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Asset Labels

Matte Silver or Gloss White Polyester Asset Labels are durable, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive provides lifetime adherence.

Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Asset Labels: If someone tries to remove tamper evident void label, the word “VOID” is left behind on your asset and preventing transfer of the labels to equipment for warranty or calibration avoidance. Read more about our Tamper Evident Labels.

Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels: Impossible to remove in one piece. The destructible asset label breaks into tiny pieces if removed, discouraging unauthorized asset transfer. Read more about our Destructible Vinyl Labels.

Metal Asset Labels Tags: Aluminum Barcode Labels, Aluminum Asset ID Labels, Stainless Steel Asset ID Tags.

Metal Barcode labels are ideal for applications requiring permanent nameplates to stand up in harsh environments including extreme abrasion, chemicals, and solvents as well as sun, salt air, and high temperatures. Read more about our Metal Barcode Labels.

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