Ribbon Printing

Labels China provides personalized Ribbon Printing for Wedding, Gift, Garment, Party, Promotions and Events etc.

Ribbon Types

Satin Ribbon: Nylon Satin Ribbon (Double Faced Nylon Satin Ribbon, Single Faced Nylon Satin Ribbon), Polyester Satin Ribbon (Double Sided Woven Edge Polyester Satin Ribbon, Single Sided Woven Edge Polyester Satin Ribbon), Sticky Satin Ribbon, Cotton Ribbon and Organza.

Application for Printed Ribbon

Printed Ribbon are widely used for Jewelry Packaging, Gifts Wrapping, Advertising, Corporate Promotions, Special Events, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Awareness Ribbons, Celebrations, Anniversary, Birthday Parties and wedding etc.

Printed Satin Ribbon Labels are widely used in Garment Care Labels, Clothes, Bags, Bedding Products, Furniture, Mattresses and Toys Labels etc.

Printed Ribbon Samples

Ribbon Colours

You can choose from a wide range of our coloured satin ribbon: Black, White, Off White, Cream, Grey, Pink, Hot Pink, Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Red, Dar Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Navy, Chocolate, Lime and so on.

Ribbon Size

We can print any ribbon from 5mm to 100mm wide. Length: 25 Yards, 100 Yards and 300 Yards.

Satin ribbon width: 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 57mm, 63mm, 75mm, 89mm, 100mm.

Custom Printed Ribbon

  • Printing Method: Silk Screen Printing, Raised Print Ribbon, Single or Double Sided Printing.
  • Ribbon Colour: Contact us for wide variety of ribbon base colours.
  • Ribbon Width: We can print any ribbon from 5mm to 100mm wide. Contact us for big size more than 100mm width.
  • Print colors: Any Colour, PMS Colour, Gold and Silver Color.
  • Shape: On Roll, Sheet (Heat Cut into Various Lengths), Any shape(Straight, Swallow Tailed and Wave etc.).
  • Minimum Quantity: No Minimum Quantity.
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 Working days.
  • Worldwide delivery, 3-5 days.

For a free quote we will need to know your specific requirements (Ribbon color/type/width, printing design/colour, length) on ribbon.