Static Cling Labels

Labels China custom print static cling labels. Static cling labels are printed on a clear film without adhesive white or clear static cling vinyl stickers.

Static Cling Labels typically used for electronics as screen protectors, window decals, self cling window stickers, car window sticker, glass bottle/cup stickers, beaker labels, vehicle stickers and car sticker etc.

Static cling vinyl decals have the same durability as vinyl decals without requiring adhesive.

Advantages of using static cling vinyl labels

  • No adhesive
  • No residue left
  • Flexible for curved surfaces and reusable
  • Static Cling Vinyl can be used on a variety of objects
  • Indoor or outdoor applications: Window Decals, Two-Way Window Decals, Appliances, Glass, Automotive, Beaker

Custom Static Cling Vinyl Stickers

  • Labels China supply static cling sticker decals can be used in a variety of different applications, including functional applications, identification and decorative.
  • Some of the applications our customers use static cling decals are vehicle stickers, window decals and beaker labels etc.
  • Two-Way Window Decals: Self Cling Vinyl can be reverse-printed so the message can be read through the glass or printed on one side and placed on a smooth surface for everyone to read.
  • Custom Printed static cling vinyl labels for your Application.

If you want a transparent label with adhesive, maybe you can try our custom printed clear labels.

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