ESD Warning Labels

Labels China supply ESD labels, also known as ESD warning labels, ESD warning signs, ESD attention labels and ESD caution labels.

Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (ESD) Labels provide the ESD symbol and warning message needed to complete your ESD protective packages or shipments.

ESD warning labels are used to identify static sensitive devices, boxes, bags, totes and any packages that require ESD warning.

Use ESD warning labels to avoid hidden ESD dangers. ESD labels are necessary for people working with electrical equipment.

There are two types of ESD awareness symbols identified.

ESD Susceptibility Symbol: Consists of the Triangle, the reaching hand with slash through it. This means ESD sensitive devices or assemblies are present. DO NOT TOUCH or Handle Properly. If the device sensitivity is known, it can be added to the label.

ESD Protective Symbol: Consists of the Triangle, the reaching hand and an Arc around the Triangle. This indicates ESD Protective Material such as chairs, mats, and wrist straps.

Another common ESD symbol for safety would be Common Point Ground. This symbol looks like a bull’s eye and may be black and yellow. This represents connecting ESD control materials or equipment to electrical or 3rd wire ground.

ESD warning Labels usually made from Paper, Vinyl, Synthetic Paper, Matte Silver polyester and often over laminated with a clear film for total print protection.

We can supply many different types of ESD warning labels printed with ESD warning logo or ESD susceptibility logo.

  • Self-adhesive paper labels. Economical. Gloss Lamination.
  • Waterproof Labels. More expensive than paper labels. Durable, waterproof. Such as synthesis paper labels, pvc vinyl labels, polyester labels. Gloss laminated.
  • Tamper evident labels. Expensive. Security. When removal is attempted the labeled surface is marked with a “VOID”. Gloss/matte lamination.
  • Destructible vinyl labels. Expensive. Security. The destructible vinyl label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it.
  • Removable labels. Peelable, can be safely removed without leaving behind any residue. Gloss/matte lamination.

ESD warning labels are available in various sizes and warnings. Size: 1″ x 2″, 2″ x 2″, 2″ x 3″, 3″ x 3″, 1″ x 3″ etc.

ESD warning labels can be printed on Rolls or on sheets.

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