Matte Silver Polyester Labels

Labels China offers a wide range of blank or pre-printed Matte Silver Polyester (PET) Labels designed for automotive and electronics manufacturing and industrial applications.

Metalized Silver Polyester Label Printing Manufacturers – Labels China, supply Waterproof Silver Polyester Labels, Matte Silver Polyester Barcode Labels, Matte Silver Polyester Warning Labels, Matte Silver Polyester Property Asset Labels and Blank Matte Silver Labels on rolls or sheets.

Matte Silver Polyester Label Products are durable, high performance materials, waterproof, tear proof, scratch and heat resistant. UL Recognized, super permanent self adhesive is designed for excellent long term use indoors and outdoors.

Our Matte Silver Polyester Labels are thermal transfer printable and usually require a resin thermal transfer ribbon.

Two Special Matte Silver Polyester Labels

  • Metallic Effect Matte Silver Polyester Labels:

Metallized Matte Silver Polyester Labels (Caliper/Thickness: 1Mil, 2Mil and 3Mil etc.)

  • Tamper Evident Matte Silver Polyester Labels:

Matte/Glossy Silver/Blue/Red/Orange/Black/White/Yellow/Green VOID/VOIDOPEN Tamper Evident Polyester Labels

More Polyester Labels

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  • Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Labels

Custom Printed Matte Silver Polyester Labels

  • Facestock: Matte Silver Polyester Labels
  • Caliper/Thickness: 1Mil, 2Mil, 3Mil and 4Mil
  • Adhesive: Permanent, Removable
  • Liner: Paper or Glassine
  • Size/Shape: Any
  • Color: 1-6 colors UV printing
  • Finishing: Matte/Gloss Lamination, UV Varnish, Hot Foil Stamping, Embossed, Barcode, Serial Numbered
  • Packaging: On Roll/Sheets

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