PCB Labels

Labels China supply blank and pre-printed high temperature PCB Labels, PCB Barcode Labels, High Temperature Labels, Polyimide Labels and Kapton Labels.

High Temperature PCB Polyimide Label materials are designed for use in high temperatures and harsh environments such as the SMT reflow and wave solder processes used in PCB assembly.

High Temperature PCB Polyimide labels applied to the PCB at the start of the board production and will survive the PCB manufacturing process.

The PCB barcode label data is scanned for use with manufacturing information systems for traceability.

A high temperature PCB label that will withstand the high temperatures and solvents encountered in SMT PCB (Printed Circuit Board) processes.

Our High Temperature PCB Polyimide Labels can withstand temperatures of up to 662°F (300°C) for short durations (about 15 minutes), and upto 212°F (100°C), for long durations.

PCB Labels can withstand very harsh environments, including high heat, sunlight, UV, etc. Polyimide labels are durable, waterproof, tear proof, and scratch and heat resistant.

We supply 1Mil(25um), 2 Mil (50um) gloss white, matte white and colored thermal transfer printable high temperature polyimide film material, blank polyimide labels and pre-printed high
temperature polyimide PCB labels for lead free solder applications.

Our high temperature pcb labels meet RoHS requirements and LEAD FREE environments.

High Temperature PCB labels require a resin thermal transfer ribbon.

High Temperature PCB label sizes as small as 5mm x 5mm to fit in tight spaces.

if you are looking for high temperature PCB labels or further information on high temperature PCB labels, then contact Labels China now for free PCB label quotation.