Graphic Overlays

Labels China Supply Custom Printed Graphic Overlays, Control Panels Overlays, Front Panel Overlays and Membrane Switches.

Graphic Overlays Applications

Graphic Overlays can be used for a variety of purposes like appliances, industrial equipment, electronics, control systems, auto industry, automobiles, instrumentation, computer hardware, weighing scale, kitchenware labeling, digital device labeling, medical field, branding on outdoor equipment, warning labels for industrial machinery or hazardous locations, military equipment, aircraft, airlines and numerous other applications.

Graphic Overlay is a kind of silk screen printed or digital printed on the sub-surface graphic sheet or panel that is placed on the surface of a product. Graphic Overlays widely used for labeling electric appliances and equipments. Graphic overlays provide a high quality finish for products, communicate messages, and act as the interface between people and products.

Graphic Overlays are printed on the subsurface, so the inks are protected from scratches, scuffs and fading. After printing, a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the back. They also work well for face plates with embossed buttons for membrane switch activation. Graphic Overlays are extremely weather, scratch resistant and UV resistant labels.

Labels China can produce your custom graphic overlays, including Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays, PC Graphic Overlays, PVC Graphic Overlays, Vinyl Graphic Overlays, Polyester Graphic Overlays, PET Graphic Overlays, Lexan Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays, Digital Graphic Overlays, Screen Printed Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays, Control Pad Overlays, Front Panel Decals, Front Panel Graphics, Sequentially Numbered Overlays and Bar Coded Graphic Overlays.


  • Lexan Polycarbonate(PC), Polyester(PET), Vinyl(PVC)


  • 125 microns (0.005″, 5mils, 0.125mm), 175 microns (0.007″, 7mils, 0.175mm), 250 microns (0.01″, 10mils, 0.25mm), 380 microns (0.015″, 15mils, 0.38mm), 500 microns (0.02″, 20mils, 0.50mm), 760 microns (0.030″, 30mils, 0.76mm)
  • Commonly used is 250 microns thickness.

Printing Methods

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • UV Digital Printing
  • UV Offset Printing

Print Colour/Ink

  • Mirror Silver, Gold, Spot Colour, Pantone Colour, CMYK Full Color, UV Ink
  • We can do CMYK Full Color Printing Graphic Overlays with UV Digital Printing Machine or UV Offset Printing Machine.


  • Graphic Overlays are available in a clear, glossy, velvet, embossed, brushed finish or chrome effects.
  • The more common choice is the velvet finish which is excellent for hiding surface scratches.
  • Texture or selectively textured finishes can be added to the surface of an graphic overlay.
  • Combination of matte and gloss finish.


  • Clear Windows for Displays or Indicator Lights, Transparent Windows, Adhesive-free Windows, Tinted Windows.
  • The clear finish is desirable for panel front overlays with LED or LCD displays.
  • Transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays.

Back Adhesive

  • 3M9448A, 3M467MP, 3M468MP, 3M9080, 3M9075, 3M200MP, 3M200LSE, 3M300LSE, 3MVHB, NITTO DENKO GA808
  • Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application procedures.

Shape/Size/Cutouts/Holes/Embossed Buttons

  • Any shape and size. We can do Cutouts/Holes/Embossed Buttons.

Temperature Ranges

  • Maximum temperature ranges from 60°C (140°F) to 125°C (257°F).


  • Indoor or Outdoor use.


  • 4-6 Working Days


  • No minimum quantities.

Custom Printed Graphic Overlays

  • Velvet PC Keyboard Stickers
  • Polycarbonate (Lexan) Graphic Overlays
  • Polycarbonate Labels
  • PVC Graphic Overlays
  • Polyester Graphic Overlays
  • PC Graphic Overlays
  • PET Graphic Overlays
  • Membrane Switch Graphic Overlays
  • Keypad Switches Graphic Overlays
  • Membrane Keypad Overlays
  • Custom Printed Graphic Overlays with Clear Window
  • Home Appliances Graphic Overlays
  • Electrical Graphic Overlays

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Polycarbonate Labels

We are specialized in the manufacture and supply of premium quality Polycarbonate Labels, Polycarbonate Stickers, Polycarbonate Overlay, Lexan Polycarbonate, Control Panels, PVC Overlays, PC Overlays, Polycarbonate Overlay Printing, Polycarbonate Labels With Sub-Surface Printing and Reverse Printed Polycarbonate Labels.

Polycarbonate Overlay Printing – Reverse Printed Polycarbonate Labels – Polycarbonate Labels With Sub-Surface Printing – Silk Screen Printing Polycarbonate Overlays

The design/artwork and background colour are reverse silkscreened onto the back of the clear polycarbonate material.

After printing, a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the back of the polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate labels overlays can be die cut to almost any shape and size.

Polycarbonate Labels Overlays Features

Polycarbonate Labels Overlays are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, exposure to harsh chemicals, resistant to impacts and abrasions.

Polycarbonate Labels Overlays Applications

Since the inks are printed on the back (Reverse Printed Polycarbonate Labels) or subsurface (Polycarbonate Labels With Sub-Surface Printing), they can’t be rubbed, scuffed or scratched off. This
makes polycarbonate an excellent choice for labels, stickers, nameplates, control panels, instrument panels and overlays.

Because they resist mild chemicals, Polycarbonate labels are suitable for extreme harsh environments and industrial applications.

Polycarbonate Labels, Graphic Overlays can be used for a variety of purposes like appliances, industrial equipment, electronics, control systems, automobiles, digital device labeling, computer hardware,
weighing scale, instrumentation, kitchenware labeling, medical field, auto industry, warning labels for industrial machinery or hazardous locations, military equipment, aircraft, airlines and numerous
other applications.

Custom Printed Polycarbonate Labels, Polycarbonate Overlay Printing, PVC Overlays

Our range of polycarbonate labels, overlays can be customized on the following basis:

Polycarbonate overlay can be die cut to fit any of your products.

Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application procedures.

Polycarbonate overlays can be embossed and debossed.

Texture or selective texture can be added to the surface of an polycarbonate overlay.

Transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays.

  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC), Lexan Polycarbonate, PVC
  • Thickness: 0.125mm, 0.175mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm
  • Print Colour: Silver, Gold, Spot Colour, Pantone Colour
  • Shape: Any shape and size.
  • Adhesive: 3M 467, 3M 468 etc.
  • Temperature: Max +125 ℃
  • Finishes: Glossy, Matte, Textured, Brushed and Embossed
  • Windows: Clear Windows for Displays or Indicator Lights, Transparent Windows, Adhesive-free Windows, Tinted Windows
  • Use: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Quantity: No minimum quantities
  • Fast turnaround. 4-6 working days.

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Vinyl Floor Stickers

Labels China supply removable Floor Stickers, Vinyl Floor Stickers, PVC Floor Stickers, Vinyl Floor Decals, Vinyl Footprint Floor Stickers and PVC Vinyl ESD Warning Floor Stickers.

Vinyl floor stickers are a great retail display tool. Ideal for diverting customers to your products, sales or special offers. Suitable for both short and long term advertising.

Most floor graphic decals are made from a premium vinyl material with a special adhesive that is designed to adhere to floor surface yet are removable leaving little or no glue residue.

Our PVC vinyl floor stickers, also known as floor decals, are made from white removable vinyl or clear vinyl with clear non slip laminate. We make our PVC vinyl floor stickers by printing onto a high grade white vinyl or clear vinyl that has a permanent or removable adhesive, and then we cover it with an anti-slip laminate to protect the print. Can be printed in eye catching full colour and cut to any shape.

Floor graphic PVC film is a kind of self adhesive transparent film with matte surface, it is used for affixing the graphic or advertising picture on the floor and protect from abrasion and anti-slipping.

Advantages of PVC Vinyl Floor Decals, Vinyl Floor Graphics:

  • Face stock: Premium White Vinyl or Clear Vinyl
  • Adhesive: Removable / Permanent
  • Color: Full Color Digitally Printed / Photographic Quality
  • Ink: Fade resistant / UV stable ink
  • Shapes: Any Shape
  • Water Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Durable

Custom printed vinyl floor decals are a fantastic way to attract your customer’s attention while they are shopping and may influence the customers decision-making process.

Our vinyl floor graphics decals have been used in supermarket, shopping centers, retail stores, airports, exhibitions, trade shows, nightclubs, sport venues, dancing hall, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and movie theaters etc.

Labels China also offers custom printed vinyl floor graphics decals.

  • Vinyl Footprint Floor Stickers
  • Event / Holiday Vinyl Floor Stickers
  • Supermarket / Manufactory Vinyl Floor Sticker
  • ESD Warning Vinyl Floor Stickers
  • Supermarket advertising decals
  • Footprint Floor Stickers

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Polyethylene Labels

Labels China supply quality Polyethylene Labels, PE Labels, PE80, Polyethylene Stickers, PE Transparent Label, PE Bottle Labels, White Polyethylene Labels and Clear Polyethylene Labels.

Polyethylene Labels are widely used on HDPE bottles like Cosmetic labels, Health & Beauty products.

Polyethylene labels are strong, durable and water proof.

Custom Printed Polyethylene Labels

Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination
UV Varnish
Hot Foil Stamping
1-6 color, PMS color
On roll or sheet
Barcoded or Serial numbered

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Nickel Labels

Labels China provides a wide variety of custom printed Nickel Labels, Nickel Foil Stickers, Electroformed Nickel Foil Labels, Electroform Nickel Stickers, Gold Electroforming Nickel Labels & Stickers and Silver Electroforming Nickel Labels & Stickers.

Electroformed nickel foil labels have a glossy / matte /brushed gold or silver looking which creating brand awareness for you company.

Nickel Labels Applications

Nickel Labels can be used on many different products such as Electronic products, Computers, LCD monitors, Fridges, DVD, TV monitors, Laptops and Furniture etc.

Customized Electroforming Nickel Labels Stickers

  • Thickness about 0.1mm
  • Any size and shape
  • 3M Adhesive
  • NO MOQ
  • Color: Gold, Silver,
  • Finishing: Glossy, Matte, Textured, Brushed, and Selectively Textured finishes are available.

Please contact Labels China for custom nickel labels quotation and order.

Synthetic Paper Labels

Labels China supply Matte Synthetic Paper Labels, Synthesis Paper Labels, White Synthetic Paper Labels, White Synthetic Paper Thermal Transfer Labels and Custom Printed Synthetic Paper Labels.

Synthetic paper labels are matte white, high opacity polypropylene film which features good strength and durability as well as good moisture and chemical resistance.

The synthetic face stock can be recycled and reused, and causes no harmful material or pollution to the environment. Special formulated top coating is suitable for printing with various types of ink.

Synthetic Paper Labels Applications

Synthetic paper labels are waterproof, weatherproof, durability and tear strength. Whether your application requires extended outdoor durability, chemical resistance or tear resistance, our synthetic paper label is your best choice. Such as durable and waterproof wine labels, cosmetic labels, food and beverage bottle labels, car stickers, bumper stickers, caution labels, PAT testing labels and other outdoor products.

Synthetic Paper Labels Features

  • Strong, Durability
  • Light Weight
  • Smooth Surface
  • Water Resistant, Weatherproof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Heat Resistant to 80°C
  • Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable

Custom Printed Synthetic Paper Labels

  • 1-6 color custom printing, PMS Color
  • Any size and shape
  • Glossy or Matte Lamination, UV Varnish
  • On Roll or Sheet

We have permanent adhesive synthetic paper labels and removable adhesive synthetic paper labels.

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Waterproof Labels

We offer custom printed Waterproof Labels, Waterproof Stickers, Water Resistant Labels, Weatherproof Labels suitable for wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

If your product requires a waterproof label then contact Labels China, we have a range of waterproof labels and stickers to suit your requirements.

Our waterproof labels are ideal for food bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil, water bottles, wine bottles, lunch boxes and containers, cars, outdoor labels and anything else.

Waterproof Labels Applications

There are many kinds of materials we offer that stand up great to water and weather.

Custom Printed Waterproof Labels & Stickers

  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Full Color, Spot Colors, PMS Colors
  • Glossy or Matt Lamination, UV Varnish
  • Numbering and Barcoding
  • NO MOQ
  • Fast Turnaround

If you require waterproof labels, please get in touch with us.

PCB Labels

Labels China supply blank and pre-printed high temperature PCB Labels, PCB Barcode Labels, High Temperature Labels, Polyimide Labels and Kapton Labels.

High Temperature PCB Polyimide Label materials are designed for use in high temperatures and harsh environments such as the SMT reflow and wave solder processes used in PCB assembly.

High Temperature PCB Polyimide labels applied to the PCB at the start of the board production and will survive the PCB manufacturing process.

The PCB barcode label data is scanned for use with manufacturing information systems for traceability.

A high temperature PCB label that will withstand the high temperatures and solvents encountered in SMT PCB (Printed Circuit Board) processes.

Our High Temperature PCB Polyimide Labels can withstand temperatures of up to 662°F (300°C) for short durations (about 15 minutes), and upto 212°F (100°C), for long durations.

PCB Labels can withstand very harsh environments, including high heat, sunlight, UV, etc. Polyimide labels are durable, waterproof, tear proof, and scratch and heat resistant.

We supply 1Mil(25um), 2 Mil (50um) gloss white, matte white and colored thermal transfer printable high temperature polyimide film material, blank polyimide labels and pre-printed high
temperature polyimide PCB labels for lead free solder applications.

Our high temperature pcb labels meet RoHS requirements and LEAD FREE environments.

High Temperature PCB labels require a resin thermal transfer ribbon.

High Temperature PCB label sizes as small as 5mm x 5mm to fit in tight spaces.

if you are looking for high temperature PCB labels or further information on high temperature PCB labels, then contact Labels China now for free PCB label quotation.

Warranty VOID Labels

Labels China supply custom printed warranty void labels: Destructible Vinyl Warranty VOID Labels, Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty VOID Labels and Water Detection Warranty VOID Labels.

A warranty label is a security seal that can indicate if tampering of the label has occurred. To better protect your warranted equipment and inventory, adhere a warranty void label to protect the warranty validity and your liability.

Destructible Vinyl Warranty VOID Labels

The destructible vinyl label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it. Destructible Warranty Stickers for electronic industry, cell phone, guarantee label and warranty label.

Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty VOID Labels

If removed the label surface is marked with a “VOID”. Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty Stickers make great security seals and warranty seals.

Bar coded and serial numbered VOID polyester warranty stickers are widely used. Tamper evident warranty void stickers can be available pre-printed or blank.

Water Detection Warranty VOID Labels

This is a water damage sticker, which changes color if moisture gets into this bit of the phone, and will be used to void your warranty if your phone stops working for any reason. The most common types are circle or square shape water detection stickers.

To learn more about our range of warranty void stickers, please contact us.

Double Sided Stickers

Labels China provides custom printed Double Sided Stickers, Double Sided Decals, Double Sided Static Cling Stickers, Two Sides Printed Stickers and Reversed Stickers.

Double Sided Stickers and Decals Application

Double sided stickers are mostly used for windows or any glass front to be seen on the outside. The stickers are stuck on the inside of the windows so viewers can see the logo or sign on the outside. Custom double sided window sticker can be stuck inside of window and it is also known as “Reversed Stickers “, 2-Sided Door Decals.

Double Sided Stickers used for Shop / Restaurants Doors & Fronts / Car Windows & Windscreens / Permit Stickers / Service Stickers / Clear Bottle Stickers.

Double sided stickers enhance your advertising exposure for shop window stickers and car window stickers.

Custom Printed Double Sided Stickers

  • Material: We can supply clear static cling vinyl double sided sticker, removable or permanent self-adhesive vinyl double sided stickers.
  • Design: Same design on both sides, Different design on each side.
  • Color: Double Sided Stickers can be printed in full color CMYK, Spot color or PMS (Pantone Matching System).
  • Shape: Double sided stickers can be manufactured to any shape.
  • Finishing: Glossy or Matte Lamination, UV Varnish, Hot Foil Stamping and Embossed

To receive a free quotation, please email through your double sided sticker specification to Labels China.

Double Sided Stickers