Destructible Vinyl Labels

Labels China manufacture tamper proof destructible vinyl labels. Destructible vinyl labels widely used as tamper evident labels such as asset labels, security labels or warranty stickers.

Destructible Vinyl Labels Features

  • Ultra destructible tamper proof labels made with specialty ultra destructible vinyl.
  • The destructible vinyl label cannot be peeled off and will come out only in small pieces.
  • Destructible vinyl labels provide a great way to prevent access to the parts of the protected equipment or sealed surfaces.

Here are some samples of our high quality custom printed destructible vinyl labels.

Destructible Vinyl Labels Application

Destructible Vinyl Label is used as temper evident labels, guarantee labels, warranty stickers and security labels. Destructible vinyl labels use as the quality warranty for some top grade goods, such as cell phone, electronic component, asset tracking identification, medicine, computer accessories and so on.

  • Destructible vinyl asset labels
  • Destructible vinyl asset ID labels
  • Destructible vinyl asset barcode labels
  • Destructible vinyl security labels
  • Destructible vinyl identification labels

Custom Printed Destructible Vinyl Labels

These ultra destructible labels can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our tamper proof destructible labels can be customized with any text, optional serial number, and optional barcode with human readable numbers and provide a great way to prevent access to the parts of the protected equipment or sealed surfaces.

Ensure that your products have not been tampered with by applying our destructible vinyl labels. These unique security labels are perfect for applications where you do not want a label removed from the surface to which the label was applied.

Any questions about custom printed destructible vinyl labels please contact us to get a quote.

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